Adolescent Treatment

Adolescent Treatment

Henseler & Kocian Orthodontics of Stillwater and Woodbury have treated many teens with braces, correcting crooked smiles. In many cases, orthodontic abnormalities worsen with age, so treating them during youth makes the most sense. Earlier treatment timelines usually lead to better outcomes, and they can minimize difficulties.  

bracesTypically, children lose their baby teeth before age 13, allowing permanent teeth to take their place. Any remaining jaw growth can be leveraged by the orthodontists, so now is the best time to implement treatment. 

Henseler & Kocian Orthodontics Process

During the initial consultative process, an adolescent specialist will discuss your concerns. Your input is crucial while developing your child's customized treatment plan. Most children will be eligible for various options, so there is room for creativity. If a child would like to enhance their smile without using something noticeable, that is usually possible. 

Metal Braces

Stainless Steel braces have been the industry standard in terms of corrective orthodontics for decades. The metal 3m braces Henseler & Kocian orthodontics use are smaller than standard braces to be more comfortable in adolescent mouths.  However, some patients initially express discomfort with the metal bits inside their mouths, which can be abrasive. 

Ceramic Braces

The ceramic 3M braces Henseler and Kocian Orthodontics use are designed to diminish the item's noticeability and alleviate complaints. On the other hand, they remain unchanged mechanically from their metallic cousins, so they are always on the teeth. Therefore, maintaining adequate oral hygiene standards is very important. 


Invisalign or 3M aligners 

Invisalign and 3M aligner design utilizes a series of invisible or transparent plastic trays, which have been molded to fit. Each gradual reshaping alters the final item's shape, slowly aligning the teeth. 

Originally, these cosmetic devices were only used for adult patients by orthodontists, but this has changed. If a pair is lost, patients can request replacements up to a certain number dependant on by the Orthodontist. Plus, it is nearly impossible to notice them from a distance, eliminating aesthetic concerns.

Alternative Options

Alternatively, the orthodontist will assess the child for additional treatment options. Sometimes, a patient may require mouth widening before corrections are made. Special dental devices typically called an expander can widen the upper arch allowing for more space to align the teeth and to allow teeth eruption, making room for dental brackets. 

Come visit the best teen and adult orthodontist Stillwater has to offer. Contact Henseler & Kocian Orthodontics to schedule a free consultation regarding your child. 

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