Braces-Friendly Halloween Treats

Braces-Friendly Halloween Treats
Posted on 10/01/2018
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A Quick Guide to Braces-Friendly Halloween Treats

Wearing braces doesn’t mean that you need to give up Halloween candy, but you do need to snack wisely this Fall. Thankfully, you’ll have plenty of options for delicious treats that also satisfy your sweet tooth. Our staff and doctors here at Henseler & Kocian Orthodontics in Stillwater and Lakewood, MN created this guide to help you pick some go-to favorite snacks while avoiding a sticky situation this Halloween.

Soft Foods Are a Safe Bet

Softer foods typically pose a much lower risk of sticking or causing damage to your braces. Thankfully, this means that many types of sweets are safe to chew, such as:

  • Pure chocolate pieces
  • Soft fillings such as nut butters, creamy mint or nougat
  • Chewy or soft-baked cookies
  • Soft, crunchy solid ingredients such as crisped rice
  • Nut-free and caramel-free candy bars

  • These easy-to-find snacks are safe bets because they don’t contain gooey or hard pieces that can wreak havoc on teeth, braces, or other orthodontic appliances. Feel free to enjoy them in moderation, but make sure that you’re also following a sensible oral hygiene routine.

    Watch Out for Hard and Sticky Treats

    At the same time, some snacks that aren’t so great for your braces (or your teeth, in general) may make it into in your trick-or-treat bags. Hard foods such as nuts, candy corn, jawbreakers and popcorn can cause the wires on your braces to loosen or break while sticky sweets like taffy, caramel and marzipan may adhere to your teeth, warp wires or even rip off your braces. Finally, the artificial food coloring in hard candies and licorice could stain your elastic bands. 

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