3M Clarity Aligners

Convenient Orthodontic Treatment in Stillwater, MN

At Henseler & Kocian Orthodontics, our mission is to help each of our patients achieve their dream smile. As a leading orthodontist serving the Stillwater and Woodbury, MN areas, we strive to maintain an exacting standard of quality in the treatment we provide, and we take the time to customize our treatment plans to perfectly fit the busy lifestyles of our patients. We believe that orthodontics should be as convenient as possible, which is why we're proud to offer a variety of discreet alternatives to traditional braces, including the 3M Clarity Aligner System.

3M Invisalign Alternative in Stillwater

3M Clarity Aligners are a discreet, removable alternative to braces that use a similar clear aligner-based treatment mechanism as Invisalign. Instead of metal brackets and wires, 3M Clarity uses a series of clear, removable plastic trays that fit directly onto the dental arch. 3M Clarity aligners are smooth to the touch, virtually invisible when worn, and easy to pop out for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing the teeth. This means it'll be nearly impossible to tell you're straightening your smile, you won't have to deal with dietary restrictions like you would with braces, and oral hygiene is as easy as ever – no need for the hassle of floss threaders.

Cutting-Edge Orthodontic Technology

Part of the power of the 3M Clarity System is the advanced computer software that enables it. With 3M Clarity, we're able to use an intra-oral scanner to create a 3D computer model of your bite without the need for messy impressions. Then, we use the software's powerful predictive algorithms to plan out your treatment in detail, visualizing every stage of tooth movement right on the screen. 3M's computer software lets us reliably plan your treatment and tooth movement in precise detail, showing us exactly what your new smile will look like before you even try on your first pair of aligners.

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3M Clarity Aligners offer a powerful and effective alternative to traditional treatment options. Let us help you to choose the ideal treatment method for you. So what are you waiting for? Give yourself the gift of a smile you're truly proud to show off: request a treatment consultation online today!